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Social Media Content Ideas for Law Firms

Business Growth Ideas

Businesses can now effectively connect their target market using social media that is why content ideas for law firms are very crucial. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others have evolved into effective tools for businesses to engage with clients and potential clients. Additionally, these social media platforms enable companies to speak with customers directly through a variety of channels, including live video streaming, text messaging, photo sharing, email, and numerous other social media posts.


Using social media is one of the most popular things people do online. By 2025, it is anticipated that 4.41 billion individuals will have access to social media, up from more than 3.6 billion in 2020.


For a law business wanting to maintain its competitiveness, not having an active social media presence is not an option.


Identifying the social media post formats that work best for lawyers and law firms is the challenging part. Even if your business frequently deals with serious subjects, you still want to produce interesting and amusing content to appeal to prospects and maintain the interest of current and past customers.


While social media can be a great platform for lawyers to sell to their audience, launching into it without a plan might produce disappointingly little progress.


How can you create the ideal composition of material that accurately represents your company’s identity?


To assist you in expanding your company and increasing conversions, we have put together a list of law firm social media post ideas. We’ll also look at why these recommendations are effective so you can develop your own social media page content ideas for your law practice.


Social Media Content Ideas for Lawyers

On social media, people and organisations post anything you can imagine, including pet videos, food photos, selfies, and self-promotion. However, there are specific postings that law firms should make if they want to grow their following and brand.


  1. Share Blog Posts and Advice in Your Field
  2. Share Articles From Your Law Firm’s Blog
  3. Share client testimonials and feedback
  4. Share pertinent national and local news
  5. Post responses to frequently asked questions.
  6. Share company news and events
  7. Post inspiring and motivating material
  8. Spread legal memes and jokes


Your social media marketing approach will be successful if these posts are distributed in the appropriate way. A law practice that solely shares memes or firm events demonstrates their human side but lacks substance.


The first five categories of content on this list are strategies for increasing social interaction and website traffic by showcasing your authority and professional knowledge. The remaining three can assist you gain your audience’s trust and provide authenticity to your business.

1. Share Blog Posts and Advice in Your Field

Establishing your authority on social media is one of the most crucial things you should accomplish.

Posting articles, ideas, and analyses about the legal sector and legal topics is therefore always an excellent strategy. To position themselves as thought leaders and develop trust with their audience, lawyers should blog about subjects related to their professional area.


Let’s examine a few instances:
Personal injury lawyer Megan Jones’s recent Facebook post is concise yet powerful. Jones persuasively makes the case for why a person needs a personal injury lawyer by addressing a prevalent misconception about insurance companies.


Instead of making a harder pitch for her services, Jones accomplishes this by concentrating on the needs and viewpoints of her audience. She proves her worth and reliability in 142 words, and she also includes a subtly worded call to action.


Video content is superior to text and image posts. Speaking directly to your audience shows your audience that you are confident and knowledgeable in a way that text cannot. Additionally, data demonstrates that video material on social media has a 135% higher reach than images.


Podcasts are another approach to disseminate knowledge from your legal field. You can publish useful content on your social media, blog, and video channels, and they’re a little easier to make than a more comprehensive video.


While a podcast video need not be of the finest calibre, it does require time, money, attention, and a totally different approach to be successful.


If you have a podcast or long-form film, think about picking out insightful passages to post on Facebook. The value of each piece of material is increased when lengthy pieces are divided up into useful social media posts. Since viewers are generally more interested in shorter movies, especially those under one minute, it can also enhance interaction.

2. Share Articles From Your Law Firm’s Blog

You should share legal content from your company’s blog that is interesting, helpful, or noteworthy on social media as well. Sharing your blog entries with others enables you to keep up a steady flow of interesting content that can draw visitors to your website.

Getting users to visit your website, where your content can move them closer to conversion, is crucial.

3. Share Client Testimonials and Feedback

Social media allows you to share a variety of stuff, not simply blog entries. Excellent social proof that persuades your audience to consider your services is feedback and testimonials.
Create an eye-catching image with the name of your business to elevate a quote, and use hashtags to expand your audience according to best practices.

4. Share Pertinent National and Local News

Lawyers don’t always have to promote themselves in their social media posts. It’s more crucial to concentrate on your audience’s needs. It makes sense why you don’t have to constantly promote your services if you imagine your page as a friendship.


Share information instead that will benefit your neighbourhood and potential customers.


Here are a few instances:
Sharing information about significant events recalls with your audience makes sense, especially if you’re involved in a mass tort or class action lawsuit. Sharing information with your followers that may have an impact on them shows you as a trustworthy, beneficial new source and fosters trust.


You can also distribute hyper-local news articles on landmarks, notable companies or organisations, local sports teams, and municipal events. This gives your profile more personality because it demonstrates that you are more than simply a law company; you are also a part of the neighbourhood.


When they are pertinent to your legal practice areas, press releases and reliable sources can make excellent Facebook shares. Even if the content comes from another source, lawyers should post it since it gives them credibility and authority in the eyes of their audience.

5. Place Frequently Asked Questions


There are probably folks who follow you on social media who are hesitant to call a personal injury lawyer. Use the chance provided by your Facebook feed to dispel doubts, dispel myths, or respond to queries that may be pertinent to a certain situation.


Check out these instances:
The post above uses a unique graphic to address a frequent query and includes a link to an appropriate page on the poster’s website. In just one post, the business establishes itself as a valuable ally and generates interest in its website.


Discuss general issues or obscure details concerning particular legislation in your area of expertise.


The structure is useful for clearing up common misunderstandings even though the questions may not be commonly asked. The example above includes a link back to an article, which is an excellent way to increase traffic to your website.


Make it a routine to respond to the most frequent inquiries. While it may be alluring to demonstrate your skill and understanding of the nuances of personal injury law, answering your audience’s queries should be straightforward.


Consider yourself not a lawyer. Instead, consider some of the fundamental queries individuals ask when they learn that you are a lawyer or what concerns friends and relatives frequently have.


These make excellent inquiries that demonstrate your willingness to assist, approachability, and comprehension of your audience’s viewpoint.


Promotional content shouldn’t be used in this kind of post. To establish your authority and subject matter knowledge, simply post the questions and answers.

6. Share Company News and Events

Give your audience a sense of who you are as a company and what sets you apart. Spread the word about the events you’re hosting and give your audience an inside look at your company’s achievements.


Sharing a significant victory is a great method to demonstrate to your audience what you accomplish as a company and how you assist clients. By including a team photo, you can create warmth and trust by putting a face to the statistics and assertions.


If at all feasible, pictures of satisfied customers following successful trials are also a powerful method to demonstrate the influence your legal practice can have.


Additionally, you can list any honours and recognitions you have won. Don’t think that simply because you were mentioned in a reputable newspaper or at a professional conference that your audience will be aware of it.


It’s acceptable to highlight your mentions and awards. Not only does this assist in converting potential new clients, but it also makes current clients feel even better about working with you in the past. They might then tell their network about this information or tell their friends and relatives to use your services.


Post any event that your business or partners participate in collectively on your social media page. This form of social media material gives you the option to share your passions with your audience and give your online presence a genuinely human touch.
Consider how you may demonstrate that your business is family-run through your articles if you are one. Always capture photos of your team volunteering if you’re passionate about giving back to your community.


Lawyers should publish everything that sets their firm apart. The audience wants a lawyer they can trust, but they won’t unless they feel at least a little bit of a connection with you.

7. Post Inspiring and Motivating Content

There are other things than statistics and useful stuff on social media. After a hard day, many people check their feeds to decompress. To make your viewers feel good, don’t forget to share uplifting, uplifting material.


Here are a few instances:
A simple post of gratitude for the smaller pleasures in life can have a big impact on your neighbourhood or your clientele. Images have the power to emotionally touch viewers in a favourable way.


A motivational saying or picture can humanise your brand and elevate the spirits of potential customers. Additionally, people are more inclined to link you with success and achievement.


Sharing positive and motivating deeds that you or others are doing can have a bigger impact than just pictures or words. Tell tales of humans assisting others, saving animals, or overcoming adversity.


All businesses frequently use social media platforms to share uplifting content on holidays.

That will make you stand out from your rivals and is a more approachable, relatable, and meaningful way to engage with your target audience. Consider how you can add more of your brand and personality to your postings whenever it’s possible.

8. Share Legal Memes & Jokes

Memes are popular on social media, and this is also true of a legal firm’s social media page.


Legal humour in general is always acceptable, and if you can include animals as well, all the better.

Remember that comedy can aid in people remembering information. The audience is left with a positive attitude and a sense of gratitude for the understanding because of the skillfully combined parts.


Consider your areas of expertise and find amusing photographs that pertain to them.




Having a social media manager in place and staying relevant with trends are necessary to maximise the effectiveness of this marketing campaign. Additionally, business owners can increase brand recognition, engage with clients, and foster client loyalty by using social media. By developing solid profiles and sharing various forms of material and social media activity with users of social media. 

A wide range of services are provided by social media management businesses like KLT Social to grow and enhance the performance of your business. Visit and find out more about the services we offer for your company, go to



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