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Scale Your Content & Social Media – Without the Headache of Hiring, while Saving 100s of Hours & 1000s of Dollars!


We help busy business leaders maximize their most precious resources: their time, money and effort, with this all-inclusive Content and Social Media Management service.
Create the all-important Know Like Trust factor with your prospects and customers by publishing captivating content, consistently.
Done with you and completely done for you by a pro team!

If people KNOW you, they will look at you.  If people LIKE you, they will listen to you, but if they TRUST you, they will buy from you.


Zig Ziglar
Author, Salesman, and Motivational Speaker

The Problem We Solve

So, you want to scale your business? 
You know you’ve got to take your social media presence up a notch.  You know being on social media is an absolute necessity.  You know prospects and customers are researching you on your social channels, comparing you with your competitor before finally making their purchasing decision.
And that means finding skilled talents, with relevant knowledge and having a hefty budget to have a social media presence.
But finding the right talent — it’s a pain and headcount can be costly 💰💰💰.
Not to mention sifting through high stacks of resumes and conducting one interview after another.
Onboarding and training and then realising that your hire may not be the right one for the job after all. But, it’s too late now, so you just make do.  Sounds familiar?
That’s almost 3-6 weeks of your time and effort in hiring and training that has gone down the drain 😱😱😱.
Understanding How Businesses Spend Time On Social Media

Some Of Our Clients

With KLT Social, our communication was phenomenal, the copy was on point with my niche market, the designs were incredible, extremely professional.

Brian Lee
Sales Director

What is Social Media Management

You may have encountered this challenge 

along the way as well…

Maybe, you think a freshie intern is a solution or you could even go with a freelancer…bet that was a huge time sucker!
Or maybe you tried a pricey agency.  How did that go for you?  Did it feel like you were breaking the bank?
But why do that anyway?
There’s a better way to level up your content and social media and grow your business.
One that provides the reliability, experience and expertise of an agency with the flexibility of a freelancer.
And best of all, no more hiring headaches, no more time wasters and no more hefty monthly bills.


Introducing KLT Social.

I had the opportunity to interact with Hari and his team at some events and functions and he is truly a giver and a natural at consulting on matters regarding marketing.

Annie Chan

We Hear You!

You Think Managing Social Media is Expensive, Hard Work and Time Consuming.
But with KLT Social, It Doesn’t Have To Be!
Must-Read Social Media Management Tips For Your Business

Content and Social Media Management on Steroids

You’ll get your content and social media managed by our team for a flat monthly rate.

Must-Read Social Media Management Tips For Your Business
You could spend thousands of dollars and go through all the headaches, heartaches and pain to get your content and social media platforms managed or you can choose us to do it for you.  
We’ll do it all for you. Our pros will help you with tasks across a variety of skills each and every month.

If you’re not putting out relevant content in relevant places, you don’t exist.

Gary Vaynerchuk

We Manage Your Social Media

Your focus on your business. Let us focus on your content and social media.

Hari was very helpful, knowledgeable and forthcoming with his consultation. He brought fresh thinking to the table and helped in shaping the Digital & Social Media Strategy.

Murshida Mohamed Kadir

Let Our Pros Take Care Of Your Content & Social Media

You take care of productive and high value work to grow your business.

Before KLT SOCIAL: Projects feel scattered, things slip, it’s tough to see where things stand, and people are stressed.
After KLT SOCIAL: Everything’s organized in one place, you’re on top of things, progress is clear, and a sense of calm sets in.

Before KLT SOCIAL: Projects feel scattered, things slip, it’s tough to see where things stand, and people are stressed.

After KLT SOCIAL: Everything’s organized in one place, you’re on top of things, progress is clear, and a sense of calm sets in.

Still On The Fence?

Let’s Hear From The Consumers.

0 %
of people will buy from the brand they follow on social media.
0 %
of customers only trust brands if they have interacted with them on social platforms.
0 %
of consumers use social browsers use social media to research before making a buying decision.
0 %
of people who buy will recommend the brand to a family or friend.
0 %
of people who visited a brand’s social media then visit it’s website / app.

It’s Easy To Get Started

4 simple steps to have peace of mind, save thousands of dollars & scale your business

Step 1
Select a great plan that fits your growth plans.
Step 2
Answer a series of questions about your business.
Step 3
We get to work on your content Calendar.
Step 4
You review and relax. We manage your social media.
How Social Media Planners Help You Kick-Off Your Busines

Get Your Monthly Content Calendar Done

Getting your content and social media managed has never been simpler, with our pro team working for you to build your brand’s KLT factor by creating quality content consistently.
We will get to work, starting from content research,  writing the blog articles, creating the social media images, and creating the videos.
We then proceed to complete your content calendar. 
After all this, we post the content to your blog.  We take care of internal linking and external linking for the article.  We pay attention to Onpage SEO requirements. We post the images to your social media with captions and hashtags. We post the videos to Youtube, paying attention to optimizing the video for greater reach and awarenss.
Simply sign up for a package and we will take care of the rest.
How Social Media Planners Help You Kick-Off Your Busines

Get It All for a Fraction of the “Old” Option

What’s the value of your time—or how about the time, costs, & risks of hiring? Well, you’re busy, on a budget and the extra risk is something you don’t have time for either. 
Salary and benefits alone can cost you anywhere between $10,000 – $20,000 or more a month, not to mention the time you take to hire, train and deploy a competent social media team to manage your content and social media efficiently and effectively.
Forget that headache!  Graduate to KLT Social’s DFY platform.  Your all-in-one team will execute on your content and social media marketing ideas, enabling you to grow sales faster. 
And the best part, all of these will cost you far less.  You will get a full team with specific skill sets to work with you.
Our pro team is ready and looking forward to start work with you.

Work ON Your Business Instead of IN It.

You aspire to get more done in less time.  As a business, you want your staff and yourself to focus your most productive and high value work.
With our pro team taking care of your content and social media, you will find yourself with more time to:
1. Spend more of your time performing higher-level work
2. Regain some mental space by not overworking
3. Stop undervaluing your time working on tasks that don’t require your unique expertise
4. Regain time with your family
5. Spend more time learning and growing
6. Connect with friends, colleagues and network
7. Feel free to take breaks and true vacations
Let Us Take Care Of Your Brand Awareness, Engagement and Build Your KLT factor.
Social Media Management Solutions for Businesses

Sky Rocket Your Brand Reach

I think that you all are doing awesome. The absolute best thing is that you can get things done for me without much thought on my behalf. Very very valuable.

Munish S

Leverage on Our Pro Team To Amplify Your Reach

and Be Omnipresent While Saving…BIGTIME!

Save on Researchers
Research on competitor activities and prospects search patterns to laser target content creation.  
Our team does the research.
Save on Writers
Our article writers will write and post targeted SEO friendly articles with images and on-page SEO.     
Our writers take care of this for you.
Save on Video Editors
Our editors will create videos for you. DFY videos complete with VO, music and captions.   
Our video editors got it covered.
Save on Graphic Editors
Our amazing graphic designers will design the branded images for your social posts.
Our graphic team is on it.
The Difference Between Digital Media and Social Media for Businesses
Save on YouTube Specialist
Appear on YouTube search results.  Thumbnails, YT metatags and everything in between.
Our YT specialist will handle it. 
Save on Software Licensing
We have you covered.  You don’t need to spend thousands on licensing video, graphic and other software. 
Use our software.
Save on Social Media Manager
Know exactly what is going on with your blog, videos and social media. Our project manager will work directly with you or an assigned member of your team or you.
Save big on headaches.  We got your back!
You Save Money & Effort
You don’t need to hire/train researchers, writers, seo specialists, video editors, graphic designers, social media managers or pay to license any software.  
Save $ on salary, employee benefits and licensing.
How to Boost Social Media Engagement
You Save Time
Get your life back.  Get more done.  As a founder you should focus on productive high value work.  Work ON your business not IN it.  Regain time with your family and friends.  Feel free to take breaks and vacation.
Enjoy better health & relationships.

My team and I aim to help you, the business owner, to focus on the most productive, high-level business growth decisions by taking over the tedious and time-consuming but necessary elements of content and social media marketing. Our pro team will work with you to implement the content and social media strategy. ❤ We are here to help you win back your time, money and effort. ❤

Hari Das

A Content
And Social Media Management Platform




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