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Done For You B2B Prospecting and Outreach Service

Getting You More Leads So You  Can Close More Deals With Our Advanced LAAS system.

What You Need:

Plenty Of Leads

You don’t need to do anything. We will do the job for you. You can even go on vacation. We will get things done for you


Save Your Time

And most people need time to give their work and life balance. Save time by focusing on the important tasks. We will help you


Grow Your Business

Knowing who your customers are and what they need is vital. We've got you covered


How We Can Help

We Serve

Business Owners



Sales Teams


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Even though it’s highly recommended to have a premium profile on LinkedIn, it’s not a mandatory condition.

CRM LinkedIn automation works perfectly well with free LinkedIn accounts.

Absolutely. There is a big number of agencies that use CRM on LinkedIn accounts of their clients. And we do keep confidentiality.

In addition, we have special offers for marketing agencies depending on the number of licenses you would like to receive. Just reach out to our support team at for more information.

Due to the new LinkedIn limitation, you’re allowed to send up to 100 connection requests per week. With CRM, you can bypass this limit and continue sending 500+ invitations per week (100-120 connection requests per DAY) without any risk to your LinkedIn account.

You can cancel your subscription with us anytime by reaching out to our support team via

CRM grants access to your personal multi-functional CRM page, in which you can store leads, perform automated actions, create campaigns and build marketing funnels on LinkedIn. And you can observe the performance of your LinkedIn campaigns in our Linkedin analytics tool that shows your average acceptance and response rates, social selling index and more.

Unlike other Linkedin automation tools, we’ll never ask for your LinkedIn credentials, so you could keep complete control over your LinkedIn account. Moreover, we pay huge attention to safety and make sure your LinkedIn lead generation and prospecting journey with CRM

One of the most effective strategies here is to send 100 regular connection requests / week and once you reach the weekly limit, switch to sending connection requests by email.

As for the messages, you can send up to 100-150 messages on LinkedIn (depending on the type of your LinkedIn account).

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