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How Powerful Instagram For Businesses Growth

Social Media

Instagram is a social media platform with more than a billion active users. The average user spends 30 minutes a day on Instagram and has more than 200 photos on their account. Instagram is a powerful tool for businesses because it provides an easy way for customers to connect with and learn about your company. 


Instagram set a new milestone of 2 billion active users worldwide in December 2021. In June 2018, the platform surpassed 1 billion users. Users aged 25 to 34 years old were the most common age group on Instagram, followed by those aged 18 to 24 years old. Men made up 51.6% of all Instagram users worldwide.


How Does Instagram Work for Businesses?


Instagram is a mobile app that can only be downloaded on smartphones. Users upload photos and videos to their accounts, which are then shared with their followers. Why should I join Instagram? Instagram is a great way to promote your business. It allows you to share photos and videos that give your followers a more personal experience with your brand. The more creative you are, the better they will respond!


Instagram also allows you to share photos and videos of your products and services, which can help you attract new customers. Additionally, Instagram is a great way to promote your brand online and build a loyal following. By using Instagram wisely, you can create a powerful marketing strategy that will help you reach your goals.


Benefits of Instagram for Businesses


Reach a large audience

Instagram has more than 800 million active users. By using Instagram to promote your business, you can reach a large audience.


Using Instagram to promote your business allows you to reach a large audience.


Engage with customers

Instagram provides a platform for businesses to engage with their customers through comments and replies. By engaging with your customers on Instagram, you can increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.


Increases brand awareness


Because of its large user base, Instagram is a very low-cost and very successful way to raise brand exposure. Furthermore, Instagram’s picture-centric nature aids to familiarise patrons, consumers, and prospects with your brand’s existence and imprints on their minds.


However, active engagement on the platform takes a long time to build maximum connections and increase company exposure. Although the platform is a medium, attracting followers necessitates high-quality material. 


Drive traffic to websites and SEO rankings


Instagram can be used to drive traffic to websites through links in posts. Approximately 80% of marketers think that having a more active presence on social media has increased website traffic. It’s not surprising, given that 73% of users who go online at least once a day spend a significant amount of time on social media.

With 80% of Instagram users following at least one company site, driving traffic to your site is critical if you want to get your brand to the top of the search engine results.


Lead generation happens at a low cost


80% of your cost of lead generation can be saved with social media advertising as it only costs just a fraction of the cost per lead compared to traditional ways like commercial, radio, and newspaper.

Moreover, social media networks have allowed businesses to scale up with their low-cost leads, providing a huge benefit to small businesses. Make sure your brand content targeted the right audience who will engage in your small business.


Conclusion: Instagram for Businesses Growth

Any business, big or small, may use the Instagram platform to efficiently promote brands. Furthermore, it is more advantageous for small enterprises with limited resources because marketing may be done for a fraction of the cost.

Managing the Instagram account for your business alone can be daunting, however social media management agencies have offered low-cost packages to help you get started. Because of its low cost and quick delivery.


KLT Social can be of help to get you started with your Instagram account for your business.


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