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How Medium Help Your Business

Social Media

If you’re looking for a way to amplify the reach of your content marketing efforts, you should consider using Medium. Medium can help you reach new audiences and build relationships with potential customers. Your content distribution plan should include Medium. 


Most distribution tactics involve some effort to repurpose the material for the new medium, whether turning it into a video, producing a graphic for social media, or expanding it into a gated eBook, in addition to generating SEO-driven blog entries.

This leads us to Medium: it’s primarily a content publishing platform, but it can also be utilised strategically for content distribution—without any further tweaks. Let’s take a look at how Medium can help your content marketing efforts.


On the platform, there are people from all over the world. It is an excellent meeting place for a broad and distinct community of readers and writers, with over 100 million monthly users.

What is Medium and how it will help your business

An open-access social media platform that combines a variety of stories, opinions, and ideas. Anyone can contribute, and popular subjects on Medium include everything from mental well-being to social media, as well as world events, breaking news, and workplace organisation, among many other topics. Readers also get suggestions on content to read or who to follow based on their interests.

The first step in creating a successful presence on Medium is understanding what exactly Medium is and why so many people love it. If you already have a website or blog, there’s no need to create another one; just add a “Medium” page where readers can find your posts and interact with them. 

You may want to consider using other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook for sharing links to articles and promoting events, but Medium has its own unique advantages over these services. It offers the ability to publish long-form content without worrying about formatting issues, which makes it ideal for providing detailed tutorials and guides. 

How to utilise Medium as a platform for content distribution to help your business

Think of Medium as a content distribution platform, not a content publication platform, if you want to take use of its built-in audience while maintaining the focus on your own site.

Medium is a great place to publish your content.

This is the most significant component of the strategy: you can syndicate material from your site to Medium. This informs Google that your website is the primary publication and that Medium has permission to republish it. As a result, you will not be penalised for duplicate content, and your SEO will not suffer as a result.

Consider sharing your post on other Medium blogs.

Nearly any type of Medium content could garner a whole lot of attention from external bloggers. With their content credits and its backlinks intact, your authentic content could get additional exposure and allow your brand to be elevated to new audiences.

All backlinks should point to your website.

Always maintain any hyperlinks to your own site, not to any content you published on Medium. Whether you’re publishing something on your own blog or writing a guest post for another magazine. Backlinks have a lot of SEO juice, and you want it to go to your company’s website.



1. How can companies use Medium?

As a company, brand, or organisation, you have two major options for publishing on Medium: utilise a standard user account under your organisation’s name, or create a publication and have many people in your organisation write as themselves and publish in that publication (or do both).As a company, brand, or organisation, you have two major options for publishing on Medium: utilise a standard user account under your organisation’s name, or create a publication and have many people in your organisation write as themselves and publish in that publication (or do both).


2. Why is Medium important in business?

Because Medium allows you to link to content from other websites. You should utilise your Medium articles to link back to your company’s website or social media accounts. Including links or CTAs at the end or in the midst of your article will help you gain some referral traffic and improve your company’s search engine rankings.


Conclusion: Medium Help Your Business’ Content Marketing Efforts Reach A Wider Audience

Publishing content to Medium is easy; more noteworthy, however, is seeing your content enjoy a large audience. Furthermore, the ultimate objective is to drive traffic to your website for more inquiries than just a single Medium article.


It could be daunting to start things right but KLT Social is here to help you get started.

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