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How Instagram Stories Help You Grow Your Business

Social Media

Instagram Stories (IG Stories) are a convenient way to interact with your potential customers. You may quickly sell products, tools, or other messaging you want to share with your audience with Instagram story marketing while keeping Instagram engagement high. In this article, you’ll learn why and how Instagram Stories should be a big component of your company’s social media strategy.


Why should businesses use Instagram stories?


To begin with, Instagram Stories is used by 500 million account users every day wherein 51% of the IG stories audience are female, while 49% are males. The average human attention span has decreased from 12 seconds to 8 seconds, according to a study done by Microsoft. The spread of technology has been blamed by many for the drop. 

Because you can only publish videos of up to 15 seconds at a time on IG Stories, it caters to this generation of individuals with shorter attention spans. Second, the structure of this function is ideal for mobile: you can post anywhere and at any time, making it extremely convenient to use while on the go. IG Stories, unlike the basic square style of Instagram photos, are shot vertically. Finally, IG Stories are deleted after 24 hours.

From April 2019 to September 2020, firms with over 100,000 Instagram followers posted 14.46 stories per month on average. Furthermore, firms with fewer than 5k followers only posted three stories per month on average.

Here’s how Instagram Stories help your business grow:

1. Helps Businesses Grow An Audience

Instagram is used by 44% of its users to shop on a weekly basis using features such as shopping tags and the Shop tag. Instagram’s shopping feature was only introduced a few years ago, but it has already taken the retail industry by storm. 

2. Allows Businesses to Engage With Their Audience Regularly

One in every two people has used Instagram to find new brands. It’s a fantastic tool for discovering new businesses, goods, and services: 50% of consumers utilise it to do so. And two-thirds of individuals believe the network facilitates meaningful engagement with brands. 

Audiences like seeing quizzes and polls from brands on Instagram over other platforms (and they’re easy to create using Stories! ), so speak up and ask your customers what they want! It will make them feel heard, and it will give you confidence in your business judgments. Win-win.

Your next big client could be right around the corner… waiting to fall in love with you!

3. Drives Traffic to Websites

After seeing a brand in a Story, 58 percent of users say they’re more interested in it. Stories have the ability to stick with you! Another half of Instagram users say they’ve visited a website to make a purchase after seeing a product or service in Stories.

Explore the shopping bag-shaped notification. Users can click on specific products on your Instagram Story to shop the item(s) on your website. Product stickers on Instagram allow users to quickly and easily access product information.

Incorporate the “Swipe Up” feature. If you want to generate traffic to your website, you can do it by using Instagram Stories’ “Swipe Up” feature. You may use this tool to send followers to your blog, landing pages, and more by integrating effective and eye-catching CTAs (calls to action).



1. How can businesses use Instagram Stories?

  • Use Instagram Stories to promote Timely News.
  • Conduct Instagram Story polls with Poll Stickers.
  • On IG Stories, use Product Stickers to promote specific products.
  • To Get Feedback From Your Audience, Use Question Stickers.
  • Quiz Stickers can be used to create quizzes on IG Stories.


2. Why are Instagram Stories great for business?

Real-time marketing, which is used to reach your target audience at the right time, is supported by stories. Posting live during an event or sale can inspire more people to attend, as well as make those who can’t attend feel connected to your company.


Conclusion: Instagram Stories Help You Grow Your Business

In conclusion, Instagram stories are a great way to help grow your business. They are fun, easy to use, and a great way to connect with your followers. They can also be a great way to promote your products or services. So be sure to start using IG stories today and see how they can help grow your business.

While every business account and brand is unique, knowing the overall growth benchmark is useful, especially if it’s a key component of your brand’s social media objectives. 


To know more about how you can maximise Instagram Stories for your business, message us and we will guide you through it. 

Contact KLT Social today!

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