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How Can YouTube Shorts Help Your Business?

Social Media


Marketers may use short-form video as a platform to increase brand visibility and improve their overall video marketing strategy.

Let’s take a peek at these YouTube shorts statistics to discover how popular they are.


  • Every month, 2 billion people access YouTube.
  • Every day, YouTube Shorts receives 15 billion views.
  • More than 70% of YouTube viewing time is done on mobile devices.
  • More than 70% of YouTube Shorts are over 15 seconds long.
  • By using YouTube Shorts, you can gain long-form subscribers.



YouTube Shorts has the advantage of making video content more accessible to both creators and consumers. In order to accomplished, concentrating on material developed for and viewed on mobile devices. In addition, the app has a camera, allowing producers to submit high-quality material without the need for pricey and specialised equipment. This can assist brands in terms of both creation and reach.

Shorts is also expected to help diversify YouTube content by incorporating more short-lived popular trends and concepts that long-form creators may overlook. This will also aid in attracting Gen-Z creators and their frequently enormous audiences.


Video Search Engine

As previously said, the vast volume of information available on YouTube may overwhelm businesses thinking of incorporating it into their digital marketing strategies. If we consider the channel as a video search engine where users search for content based on their interests, we may gain a better grasp of how to arrange material in the correct spot. Because of the channel’s enormous and diversified audience, you can draw the correct people if you optimise your content, such as by including relevant keywords in the names of your YouTube videos.


Content Library


YouTube Shorts will be uploaded to your channel library as well as the designated shelf and will be accessible to everyone at any time. It allows interested people to watch your material indefinitely.

The biggest benefit is that it establishes a sense of continuity for those that are unfamiliar with your brand or channel. Furthermore, YouTube Shorts can also bring visitors to more thorough content. In addition, if they’re stored alongside long-form videos it can help them engage with your brand.


Test the Waters

 Long-form video production can take a lot of time and money. Furthermore, putting so much effort into untested ideas that you hope people will connect with can be intimidating. YouTube Shorts can be a great way to try out new content or brand image concepts in this situation. Shorts are quick and simple to make, and brands can quickly see if their content is resonating with their target audience while only taking a small risk.

When content doesn’t meet audience expectations, they can be skipped on the scrolling feed . As seen on other similar platforms, meaning that failed ideas have a small impact on the consumer. On the other hand, popular content can quickly rise in popularity. As a result, YouTube Shorts are a straightforward way to swiftly test new ideas and gather solid statistics on their audience impact.



1. Is YouTube Shorts good for business?

Here are a few reasons why your company should employ Shorts in its YouTube marketing strategy:

Create original content that interacts with your audience in a way that traditional marketing doesn’t. Reach out to a younger demographic that likes shorter marketing videos versus lengthy information. Use interesting, engaging films to promote your brand.


2. Are YouTube Shorts good for marketing?

Content Repurposing
Video content is becoming more popular as a way to tell stories and engage with a larger audience. For many businesses, it has also become an important aspect of their social media marketing strategy. By repurposing your YouTube Shorts material, you can make it go even further.


Conclusion: YouTube Shorts can Help your Business

Consumer behaviour is clearly evolving toward more convenient content experiences. YouTube Shorts offer a solid, well-established platform with a large audience as well as an easy-to-use tool for content development. While there are certain risks, YouTube appears to have integrated lengthy and short-form videos. More so, businesses can effectively use it, thanks to extensive testing and advancements over time.

Furthermore, according to one estimate, 90% of consumers have discovered new businesses through YouTube. YT Shorts is a terrific method to test your brand on an already well-established video content platform. Especially as omnichannel marketing becomes more interwoven into digital strategy.


To learn more about how you can create great videos for your brand, contact KLT Social today. 


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