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How Businesses Can Use TikTok To Connect With Customers In A New Way

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TikTok, a popular app for making and sharing short videos, is being used increasingly by businesses to connect with their customers in a new way. The app has become popular for creating and sharing videos of products or services, as well as for its ability to quickly connect companies with potential customers. Moreover, businesses can use TikTok to create short video ads that are designed to be shareable and engaging, as well as to track customer engagement from the videos.


TikTok, a social video app, said in September 2021 that it has 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, up 45 percent from the previous number of 689 million MAU in July 2020. More so, it is a famous social networking tool used by people all over the world.


What is TikTok and How it is Used to Connect with Customers

What is TikTok?


TikTok is a popular app on smartphones that users can use to capture and share short videos with others. These videos are typically called “taps.” TikTok users can create and share videos that consist of quick, self-generated movement or sound. Furthermore, users can also create and share videos featuring other people they know, or those who they have found online. In addition, it is used to connect with customers in a variety of ways.


What is TikTok’s popularity? 


TikTok’s user base is growing fast. 80% of users are now using TikTok every day. 70% of teenagers and 80% of young adults use the app daily. A video sharing app with a user base of over 200 million people that allows users to create and share short videos with others through the app. These videos can be shared with friends and family, or used to promote products or services. It has become a popular way for businesses to connect with their customers. More so, the app has been downloaded over half a billion times.


How Businesses Are Using Tiktok To Create Engaging Content


In the beginning, users shared their everyday life videos, but in recent years, they have started to make more professional content. Furthermore, the platform is made up of 15- and 60-second user-recorded videos that can be edited in-app and integrated with other social media platforms.


The huge number of active users on TikTok is the platform’s appeal to marketers. Although the algorithm’s inner workings are unknown, it appears that TikTok makes it much simpler for your video content to become popular than other social networking platforms.


TikTok, a popular app designed for short videos. A go-to platform for businesses to create engaging content.


Here are 5 ways businesses are using TikTok to create content that drives engagement:


1. Businesses are using TikTok to create funny videos. By creating humorous videos, businesses can connect with their customers and show they’re human too.

2. Businesses are using TikTok to show off their product features.

When businesses share a video that shows off their product features, they’re showing people how cool their product is.

3. Businesses are using TikTok to promote new products or services. By creating a video for a new product or service, business can show customers that there’s something new available.

4. Businesses are using TikTok to make money. By creating a funny video and sharing it with their fans, businesses can encourage people to buy the product or service.

5. Businesses are using TikTok to build a loyal following. By creating funny videos for their fans and sharing them with their friends on social media, businesses can create a loyal following that they can use when promoting new products or services.




1. Should businesses use TikTok?

With 500 million daily active users, TikTok can be a goldmine of engagement for your business. Moreover, the platform mainly focuses on content creation rather than pushing on monetization making it a viable option for better reach.

2. Is TikTok good for marketing? 

Yes, TikTok is useful for marketing due to its wide users in social media platforms . In addition, as of September 2021, the platform had 1 billion monthly active users, making it a fantastic venue for engagement and reaching out to a wide audience.


Conclusion: Tiktok Connecting with Customers in a New Way


In conclusion, TikTok can be a valuable tool for businesses to connect with customers in a new and engaging way. It offers a unique opportunity for customers to get a glimpse into the company’s culture and personality. More so, it promote business by sharing content. Additionally, TikTok provides a way for businesses to connect with customers. More so, connecting customers in a more personal level, which can lead to increased loyalty and engagement.


However, daunting as it may seem to handle TikTok for business due to added time, effort and resources that you need to invest into including additional manpower, it is more worth it to invest instead on outsourcing team of social media experts and forget the stress of managing it on your own with lack of expertise.


Connect with us to get your social media managed by a team of professionals.


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