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Email Vs. LinkedIn Outreach: Which Is Better In Comparison


For years, email reigned supreme in sales strategy. For lead generation and brand loyalty, no other channel comes close. But that was before social media gripped us to our screens and revolutionised how we communicated. LinkedIn is quickly becoming the go-to platform for generating leads and putting your message in front of the appropriate people.

LinkedIn is by far the most popular place for professionals to stay connected and informed, progress their careers, and work more efficiently. The platform claimed to reach 65 million decision-makers as of 2021. You can reach out to your prospects at the right time and in the correct context using the platform. Customers can be easily located by searching for them by name, position, or firm. You can also target additional potential consumers through LinkedIn.


The Pros And Cons Of Email Outreach


The days of cold calling single clients at a time are over. With the tap of a button, you may now send an email to tens of thousands of people.
Segmentation is one of the most effective email marketing tools. Emails may be customised to almost anything with targeted automation, including certain demographics and where your prospect is in the sales funnel.

Furthermore, you aren’t sending emails into the wilds of the internet by accident. You may monitor open and reply rates, send at a time when your receiver is more likely to open and respond, track attached documents, and much more.

You can produce leads in minutes while also consulting stats that will assist you scale your approach to leads you missed the first time.

In a nutshell, email is adaptable.

One word sums up the major disadvantage of email outreach: Spam.
Behind chilly emails, there is no ‘face.’ They’re faceless. Most cold emails are discarded without being opened, even if they get past the spam filter.

Furthermore, automation is reversible. Automated messages that lack appealing copy risk appearing impersonal, generic, and spammy.’ While minor personal touches can help to counteract this, automation requires caution. Then there’s the issue of time commitment. Is your sales team wasting too much time on email? Sales people spend roughly 31 hours per month monitoring their inboxes, according to study. Those hours would be better spent seeing customers and selling, which is what salespeople do best.

Is this meant to say that LinkedIn is a better option? Let us examine.

The Pros And Cons Of Linkedin Outreach

The numbers on LinkedIn reflect a positive image. It now has 675 million users, with 40% of them coming to the site on a daily basis. 

To put it another way, you have a strong probability of catching the attention of the correct people.

Its popularity shows no signs of fading. According to study, it adds two new members every second, which means it has added about 70 new users while you were reading this story.

It also has the benefit of being quick. Unlike email, which requires sales teams to spend time locating email addresses, LinkedIn is instant. You simply find a prospect, connect with them, and send them a message right away.

Will your message get through? Yes, almost certainly. Social networking allows us a more personal, natural approach. LinkedIn users, in particular, are eager to meet new individuals and companies. You are welcome to approach them, and they anticipate it. That is why they have a profile.

This brings us to the most credible reason to use LinkedIn as a medium for outreach.


The open rate for LinkedIn InMail is 166% higher than for email.


But the truth is that you aren’t the only one who has discovered the advantages of LinkedIn for lead generation. As the platform’s user base grows, so does the number of businesses that use it for outbound marketing.

That is the core of the issue. Your LinkedIn outbound approach must be more than adequate to stand out from the crowd. It must be precisely targeted and properly handled by professionals.

Prospecting on LinkedIn isn’t an exact science. It can produce rapid results in some cases, but it will require time and effort to break through with other possibilities. You’ll be up against stiff competition as more firms catch on.



  1. Does LinkedIn outreach work?

In fact, Linkedin outreach is the primary source of new leads on a daily basis. Connection request acceptance rate is 45 percent, and response rate is 39 percent. This equates to 1-2 leads per day.


  1. Is LinkedIn InMail worth it?

When you’re seeking to maximise your impact by reaching multiple leads at once, LinkedIn InMail shines.



Conclusion: A More Comprehensive Look

Finally, a mix of email and LinkedIn is the ideal approach to interact and disseminate your company’s message. This multi-platform strategy will maximise your chances of success.

The recipient is more likely to notice when an initial email is followed up with a LinkedIn message. You employed foresight, initiative, and study to achieve your goals. It shows that your email wasn’t spam, but rather personal. Email marketing is not doomed because of LinkedIn. Email, when used effectively, may produce excellent outcomes.


At KLT Social, a team of professionals collaborate to develop outbound email and LinkedIn tactics. We understand which tactics and strategies are effective.

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