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Benefits of Using SlideShare for Your Business

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Slideshare is a web-based presentation hosting service that allows users to upload, share, and view slideshows and presentations online. Slideshare is beneficial to businesses because it allows businesses to share their presentations with a wider audience, reach new customers, and improve their search engine ranking. 


Additionally, Slideshare offers businesses a number of features that can help them improve their presentations and marketing efforts. While SlideShare isn’t a content creation tool, it does support existing content formats including Google Slides, Adobe PDF, OpenDocument, and Microsoft PowerPoint.


SlideShare is best recognized as a comprehensive educational platform that makes it simple to share presentations and webinars over the internet. It’s also important to note SlideShare boasts a user base of 70 million and most of its user base are business professionals. Slideshare averages 60 million unique visitors each month and 215 million page views per month.


Some of the most popular ways to use SlideShare


  • to make online webinars or training materials available to others as a presentation visualisation tool
  • use to publicise a product or service
  • to promote newsletter subscriptions and encourage new signups
  • to display visual items like guides and brochures


What Are the Benefits of Using SlideShare for Marketing?

Slideshare is an online service where users create slideshows from PowerPoint files. The slideshows can be shared publicly or privately. Users who want to view other people’s slide shows can do so by visiting the website. Each slideshow has a unique URL that allows viewers to access the content through any web browser without downloading anything. SlideShare is an effective venue for marketers to display content online. Whether you are writing blog posts, creating web pages, or posting on social media feeds, you can incorporate SlideShare by adding a brief presentation. This is your opportunity to add even greater value to your company’s information.

SlideShare also receives 500% more business traffic than Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. This is a significant plus for B2B marketers wanting to connect with the right people.



1. What is SlideShare used for?

Slideshare is a service that allows you to create presentations out of content such as PDFs, PowerPoint slides, movies, and other media. Anyone may then search for, view, and share presentations. Slideshare is the most popular presentation sharing website in the world, with 70 million monthly visitors.


2. What can businesses do with SlideShare?

Slideshare is a free social media platform that allows you to share content in the form of presentations (PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, videos, documents, and more). Your presentations are public, and anybody may search, browse, and share them.


Conclusion: Slideshare for Businesses

It’s a terrific approach to engage your audiences and move clients into your sales funnel because internet readers demand quick and easy information. The benefits of Slideshare can go far beyond just increasing traffic. In fact, a study from Harvard Business Review found that SlideShare is one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness among potential customers. So make sure you take advantage of these tools as often as possible so you can grow your business online.

To know more about how you can create, set up and manage Slideshare for your business, message us and we will help you with it.

Contact KLT Social today!


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