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Advantages of Twitter for Your Business

Social Media

Twitter began as a text-messaging-based online bulletin board in 2006. Since then, it has grown into one of the most popular social networks, with more than 300 million users sending 500 million tweets per day.

On the other hand, marketers have been slow to embrace Twitter. Only 65 percent of firms use the platform for promotion, according to recent surveys, allowing you plenty of opportunity to get relevant and competitive.

In 2019, Twitter’s global viewership was estimated to be about 290.5 million monthly active users, with the number expected to rise to over 340 million by 2024. Twitter is still a successful marketing platform and one of the most prominent social networks in the world. As of January 2022, men were more likely to utilise the social networking platform Twitter than women. Females made up 43.6 percent of Twitter users, while men made up the remaining 56.4 percent.

These 5 advantages of using Twitter for marketing might help you get over the hump.

1. Direct messaging can form genuine connections. 

Twitter, like its main competitors, has a feature called direct messaging, which allows two users to converse privately. The main difference is that the two accounts must mutually follow each other before they can communicate (unless one user’s inbox is set to “open”).

This may appear to be a barrier for marketers looking to interact with industry leaders or other key players, but saving direct messaging for mutuals guarantees that your conversations are worthwhile, engaging, personalised, and honest.

2. Engagement is boosted through tags.

On Twitter, the @ symbol has a lot of power. It’s the key to delivering a notification to other users that nearly ensures your tweet, or the tweet you wanted the @ receiver to see, is seen. It’s also simple to credit a quote or article you share on the network.

Twitter’s content discovery skills have been enhanced, and users also may read tweets from people they do not even follow. When a large number of people are active in a network, such as a tweet, this is more likely. The algorithm then believes that you want to see things that are similar to what you already have in your networks. This feature allows additional users to see your high-engagement tweets, increasing reach and interaction.

3. Twitter is the ideal platform for showcasing your brand’s personality.

Twitter is a network where a brand can establish its voice and public personality with a more rigorous posting schedule. Tweets might have an authoritative tone or even a sassy tone, depending on the sector.

Potential customers that use Twitter to look at how you interact with your followers will be able to hear your good branding voice. Individuals have had to deal with the fallout when old, abusive posts resurface at inopportune times due to Twitter’s open design.

4. Twitter may be monitored for free with TweetDeck.

TweetDeck is available to everyone who has a Twitter account. It’s a monitoring tool that’s available for free. Simply choose the accounts, keywords, or hashtags you want to follow, and TweetDeck will create customised feeds based on your preferences. This is a good approach to stay in the conversation because you don’t have to look for keywords one by one on Twitter’s main platform and risk missing an essential message.

5. Anyone has the potential to go viral.

Twitter’s capacity to disseminate a message like wildfire is one of its best features. Every day, many tweets go viral because they’re humorous, relatable, or newsworthy, according to anyone who uses the platform on a regular basis. Those tweets can come from anyone, regardless of their number of followers. Brands can also go viral with a tweet, which improves reach, traffic, and conversions right away. All it takes is a well-timed and well-received post. The sky’s the limit—or, should we say, the 280-character limit.



1. Can Twitter be used for business?

Twitter keeps you and your company up to date on what’s going on around the globe. Learn about the most recent, real-time trends and put money into social listening. It’s also a wonderful tool to assess your company’s public image. In addition, promotion of your business is completely free.


2. Is Twitter good for small business?

Using a platform like Twitter allows businesses to engage with their customer base at a low cost. More so, it allows them to reach audiences all over the world while also allowing them to connect with customers rather than constantly marketing products and services.


Conclusion: Twitter for Business

To adapt to the ever-changing landscape of digital advertising, marketers must always have new tricks under their sleeves. If they want to make an impression, they should use Twitter. It’s possibly one of the purest platforms left, and incoming businesses have a lot of options.

By learning the main components of the platform, Twitter will prove to be a valuable addition to your business.

If you want to know more, contact KLT Social today!

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